Jo Ho Jaata Tan Se Juda

Wrote this in response to Mirza Ghalib’s Na Tha Kuchh To Khuda Thha: Jo ho jaata tan se juda to na ye nadamat (guilt) rehti, (If it were severed  from the body, then this guilt wouldn’t have remained) Gunaah-e-hayat (life) se mujhko kuchh to raahat hoti (There would have been some relief from this sinful … Read more…

Unedited Celebs Part 1

Why the title Unedited Celebs? In this series I would like to showcase that what it is really like being a celebrity no matter the size of following. I wrote this article more than seven years ago when social media was still in its nascent stage, though a lot has changed since but the incident … Read more…

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