Rambling: Evil Society

It’s just one of those days when you don’t know what to say…Another young girl’s body found…raped and murdered while all of us continue slinging crap at each other.
What is this country coming to…where is humanity headed towards…I can only see and endless pit of suffering and deluge eating up everything; in these times when self-righteousness is an epidemic.
In these times when we all have the cameras turned towards ourselves to catch the best selfies with make-ups and pouts yet even in our most personal moments we fail to look at the mirror and gauge that who we truly are.

Like always, we the educated class, are mere puppets in the hands of those filling up their bellies and scavenging on us through their rhetoric about religion, food, nationalism or whatever tawdry that can come handy. We are the buffoons living in fear and misery, victims of our own stupidity, suspecting everybody unlike us. But they who are trampling us are all the same behind tilaks, beards, turbans, cloaks and capes; for they are not the believers of what they preach or pretend to follow; they are opportunist who will change and mold to further their agenda.

Forever they have used these tactics to mislead and to divide and rule and forever we have been the vehicle of their success through our incompetence.

None of us are shouting slogans against the myriad of social evils that surround us and give us sleepless nights. None of us do that because then it calls into perspective our own actions and makes us personally accountable.
How about we give all this uselessness a rest and talk about something important. Aren’t we tired of being the mules of greed and prejudice? Do we really believe that there is something even remotely more indispensable than a wholesome life, where we do not tread in fear, where corruption is an exception and not the norm, where your eyes are mesmerized by beauty and not the ugliness of crime, where education sets you free and not make you another bonded laborer, where hopes become realities and not repressed thorns? Sadly though our energies are not directed towards our betterment, they are just the tools by which we dig graves of our future.

This age should have been different than the ones through history but as humans we never learn from the history or even the present, we justify our actions and shun morality only to impose it on others. We have witnessed firsthand that how the breaking of social fabric has led solely to misery still we continue to pullout the threads hoping for a different result.

The world will burn down and so would all of us; I am not an optimist anymore. I see the reality, stark and cold. There was a dream of calmness holding onto us in its soft embrace; a dream to see people rejoicing at each festivity irrespective that which religion or culture gave it birth; a dream in which we celebrated individual freedom; a dream where love flourished; a dream of a place where my daughter was equally precious to a stranger; a dream where poetry flew when words were spoken and knives were used only in the kitchen; a dream of a world where empathy and compassion ruled as the most potent force.

These dreams haunt me now, and I am broken because I would leave the world holding onto these dreams while chaos will be swallowing everything around.

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