Should You Join A Radio Station

Not everybody is made for radio

With an industry like Radio there is bound to be a considerable difference between how people in general perceive it to be and how it really is. Particularly the creative department is oft misunderstood because it is difficult for people to relate to it. As it is very different and is unique to the Radio industry even though its parallel can be found in the media industry but those are not exactly the same. Therefore I am going to focus here on the creative end of it.

Let me begin with the negatives that why you really should be looking elsewhere for a job.

  • Though it sounds really exciting but unless you are really crazy about it, it’s the same work every single day. Find content and present it. It could be dull and boring but you got to do it wholeheartedly and after a while it feels mechanical.
  • Your content or plans may remain cold due to important sales deals or the lack of sales support.
  • There is little scope for creativity at most junctures. You become a copywriter thinking that soon you will be scripting a show which would top the charts or you would write an ad campaign so cool that it would be on listeners’ minds. In reality you would be working on 20-25 ad copies in a day with the sales people hammering on your head to get the script done. With little scope for any creativity because of the time limitations and client briefs. And the client would hardly ever understand your vision.
  • Bloated egos are almost everywhere and just not restricted to popular show hosts.
  • At times you would think, wouldn’t it have been better that you had joined politics. Because politics is an ugly output of bloated egos.
  • You would be suspicious of all those around you because your ideas will be stolen.
  • You would see below average people growing up in the ranks or payments and it will frustrate you.
  • The management will shove things down your throat which will be hard for you to swallow.
  • Timings can get really crazy and you might have to forego your weekends as well.
  • If you get addicted to Radio you will not be able to do anything else.
  • Your high flying ideas are all good but you will have to tailor your content so that even children can understand you well because your audience will not understand anything more complex.
  • Unless you are a show host the general public will not know you or appreciate your work and you will have to explain to them what exactly you do.
  • Even if you are a show host, you will get random requests from random people including strangers to speak as you talk on Radio. And trust me these requests will be made during the oddest circumstances.

Okay, so we now have brought the ugly out and hopefully I have managed to ward off those with little grit.

Now let me tell you that why you should do Radio.

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