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If you are new to this site, then let me help you by making the overall experience a thrilling one. Let me begin by asking you what do you want to do today?

RJ Aamir

Who is RJ Aamir?

Now that’s definitely a relevant question.

Ok, so here is my brief introduction.

I am a radio show host and the cluster programming head with one of the largest radio network.

I also am a budding photographer.


Forever I have been trying to learn and do things on my own. Some years back, I thought that it would be a good idea to share my thoughts & experiences with the world and I became a radio jockey (disk jockey) which gave me a quite wonderful opportunity to connect and reach out to several hundred thousand people.

The bond grew deep but it was sadly cut short for a while and then I thought of continuing to share my thoughts which were cherished by my dear fans and thus the idea of starting my own blog came to mind.

As the kind of a person I am; I like to do things on my own. So with almost no knowledge of website development or the slightest idea about hosting and all, I started to teach myself as and when I could.

It has taken a few years and a lot of trial and error to reach at whatever level I have reached today, but I am happy that I created something and everyday I learn something more about it.

I have been like this forever; I learned how to drive only by observing others and with no training whatsoever. Same goes for learning basic designing or editing. I do things on my own. I like to learn from those around me. I believe knowledge is everywhere and so I imbibe.

And I am also teaching myself photography. Have been able to get some decent shots and now after this website is fully developed I am going back to it to master.

Yes, it is time consuming and frustrating. It is repetitive. It is tiring. But when you do something on your own, you become your own master.

Anyway, through this website I am trying to reach out to ‘you’. I am ready to not only share all that I know but I also hope to help you to have a better life, while at the same time indulge you in some great interesting stuff.

Please feel free and share anything that you want, if there is a question you think I can answer then please do ask. If you want to share something personal then I am ears, you don’t need to worry about your privacy, it is guaranteed.

So you can choose what you want to do here.

I am whatever you want me to be, like the water which takes shape of the container, I take shape as per your wish. I am a brother to you if you want one, or maybe a lover for your lonely heart, a friend if you need to share, a guide to show you the direction, a listener to your words, a voice to your thoughts, a pillar when you need strength, a mirror to your truths, a partner by your side, basically I am whatever you want me to be.


Have a good time 🙂

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